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Skill development Training

Sewing Machine Operator

Our sewing machine operator training focuses on professional skill development of students. Our trainers provide you a thorough Understanding of Apparel industry, Industry Stitching & factory environment. Our sewing machine operator training comprises several easy phases that make you familiar with various fundamental and advanced technical processes. We make you familiar with the parts and working of automated single Needle stitch Machine and over-lock machine as well. The training period is of 1-3 months and ensures a solid professional career for students.
Basic Training
1. Machine Cleaning & Maintenance
2. Machine Threading, speed control using the foot pedal
3. Paper Exercises: stitching in a straight line, curved lines, stopping, speed cont
4. Fabric Exercises: stitching in a straight line, curved lines, stopping

Driving cum Mechanic

Umed Academy offers best in class Driver cum Mechanic (Light Motor Vehicle) training in Odisha. This training focuses on enhancing the driving and repair management skills of aspirants. Our trainers guide you to understand the fundamental and advanced lessons of driving. The training period will introduce various tools and guidelines for machinery. Our mechanical training guarantees you placements in different government and private sectors. Driving in extreme conditions, engine tune-ups, tyre rotations, oil change, and other small mechanical skills ensure constant availabilities of placement for you.
Basic Training
1. Driving Practice through lanes and curves.
2. Driving in extreme road conditions like sand and wet surface
3. Highway driving, driving in slopes, night driving and overtaking
4. Wheel rotation, Engine tune-up, oil change, tyre pressure checking, and other minor adjustments
5. Training about advanced automobile machinery and detection of minor faults while driving

Front Office cum Receptionist

The main objective of this training program is to make students understand the professional image at the front desk. Umed Academy offers you the opportunity to develop yourself as a front office receptionist in quick times. We are one of the best skill development training centers in Odisha that offer affordable packages for students. Our experienced trainers and corporate consultants will provide you superior quality of guidance and knowledge to improve your verbal communication and personality. Thus Umed Academy ensures a better future for you in the corporate sector.
1. Training to present a professional image
2. Training with business pros to improve productivity
3. Practice to improve verbal communication
4. Disaster management training

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